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Lets get deep..


I’m Sarah - a twenty-something-year-old daughter, girlfriend, artist, and wedding videographer.


My talents and hobbies include ceramics, collecting stickers, kayaking, baking, and eating all the chocolate I can find.

I love camping outdoors, relaxing at the beach, picnicking on summer nights, and enjoying dates at the movies. And yes, I do really like going to weddings too.


I also treasure the time that I get to travel. My desire to learn about new cultures, see beautiful sights, and try new foods frequently draws me out of Utah.


My favorite places I’ve been to so far are Hawaii, Sedona, San Diego, and Ensenada. I hope to travel the entire county and maybe even the world someday.

Of course, none of this would be fun without the people I get to do it with. I’m a mama’s girl at heart, and we love doing all kinds of things together. My business might not even exist without her.


I’m also a happy cat mom. Our two cats, Julia and Eloise, are so loving and silly.


I definitely can’t forget to mention my own love story.


Drake is the reason this business exists - he saw my desire to get into wedding videography and encouraged me to follow that dream!


He is selfless and kind and the reason I believe in love.


We met at Utah State University through a leadership conference and have been dating since 2018. We got engaged in May of 2021 and plan on eloping somewhere in the next few years, although we don’t have a date or time set.


We love to cook, go to the movies, try new restaurants, host dinner parties, and send each other terrible memes.


Thanks for reading this and taking a second to get to know me.


I am so passionate about what I do and cannot wait to turn your biggest and most precious moments into cinematic magic.​

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